Starts 15th of November


Starts 15th of November

My Investment In You
✅ For 4 weeks I will give you my time and fullest commitment to your success.

✅ Accountability. I'm going to watch over your shoulder to make sure you are doing what you are supposed to do.

✅ I'll challenge you in ways you've never expected.

✅ I'll treat you the same way I treat my Online Students
(Some of them being the worlds Top Dancers)

✅ I'm going to tell you what you need to hear.
Even if you don't like it.

✅ 3 months full access to my Online Membership Area where you'll get access to all of my workouts.

✅ You will be a part of an inner circle Facebook group and joining a community of like-minded individuals.

✅ Private webinars for only this program.

✅ Weekly Challenges

Price For You


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Coach Sebastian

I don't want money issues to be the reason for you not to join the program. 

Therefore I give you 3 options so you can to divide your payments if necessary. 

Option 1: Pay 197€ - One Payment Only
Option 2: Pay 99€ now and 99€ next month
Option 3: Pay 66€ now and 66€ the next two following months

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Comments from previous Editions

Comments from previous Editions (About fears)

For who is this program exactly?
This program is for anyone who is ready to become the best version of themselves or take the next big step in their life. This is achieved through mental discipline and there are no shortcuts. Once you understand this, implement the knowledge from this program and reap the benefits you will become YOU! The you that you want to see
Will this help me in my life?
The only answer to that questions is: If you want it to and if you are willing to change some of your fixed beliefs. You also have to commit and do the things required of you during these four weeks.  If you do, there is no roof of how valuable this will be for you
Is this a continued version of 
the edition 1 and 2?
No, anyone can join, and the curriculum is different
What is the Dance Specific Training that is included?
The free training platfrom (Dancers Bootcamp Online) is only a bonus and has nothing to do with the actual program. However, once you get better mental discipline it will of course come in very handy and give you physical results as well as mental results from this program if you decide to use it. This is included for three months and after that you will be asked if you want to keep this membership
What time will the lectures be and what happens if I can't make it to that time?
The lectures will be held in the software Zoom, and will be the same time every week. The lectures will always be recorded and posted that same day in our closed FB-group, so in case that you miss out of whatever reason you can always watch the replay.
 Check what time this will be in your timezone HERE